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He Sent a Baby

8 December, 2016

Written by Patrick A. Mead

He sent a baby. Didn’t see that coming. Oh, we knew He would send something, or someone. And it was going to be awesome… And terrible. Truth be told, we deserved “terrible” more than “awesome.” For thousands of years we gave lip service And not much else. We worshiped ourselves, did our own thing. We hoped for a king who would destroy our enemies While overlooking the fact that our sins were just like theirs. But sending a baby? What was He thinking? We wanted a sword swinging Curse flinging Doom bringing King on a big horse. We got a baby Born to a not quite married girl In a nowhere town In a shabby room. Maybe we weren’t the only ones who didn’t see that coming. The devil didn’t seem ready for it either. I mean, none of it…

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